Why choose Local Authority Building Control?


Cornwall Council Building Control, part of the national LABC network, aim to undertake a thorough plan check, as well as a proactive and robust programme of site inspections as we believe that this helps to avoid costly issues arising later. Our site inspection teams based in Camborne, Bodmin and Liskeard are able to offer a reactive same-day inspection service (when notified preferably the day before, or up to 9.30 am on the day in question) which avoids delay related costs on site, and allows us to react to any complications or unexpected issues quickly. 

Despite over 25 years of competition, we still deal with significantly more projects in Cornwall than all of our competitors put together. The secret of our continuing success is having friendly, knowledgeable and qualified staff based across Cornwall, whilst offering competitive pricing and striving to offer excellent customer service.

Why use Local Authority Building Control (LABC)?

  • we are independent and not for profit
  • we have unrivalled local knowledge
  • we can visit at short notice
  • as part of the LABC network the Local Authority brand is universally recognised

In Cornwall, we have always respected the wishes of those clients choosing to employ the services of an alternative provider known as "approved inspectors". However, we strongly believe that the client should be free to decide this for themselves.

Choosing an Approved Inspector

If you choose to opt for an approved inspector, we recommend you ask yourself the following questions before making your choice:

  • How long has the approved inspector been in existence?
  • Where is the approved inspector based and how many staff do they have? If they are based outside the area or region, how will this affect the frequency and timeliness of site inspections?
  • If your contractor or agent is encouraging you to use one particular approved inspector, why might this be?
  • What will happen if the approved inspector ceases to trade?
  • If things go wrong, what procedures are in place to help your resolve the situation? You maybe don't know that when problems arise approved inspectors can cancel you application with them. You would then have to pay Local Authority Building Control for a Reversion Application to help you to resolve any problems in order to sign off the work.

Further information

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