ESconsult Team

ESconsult, part of the Building Control Service, provides a range of consultancy services. To assist you in demonstrating compliance with the Building Regulations 2010 ESconsult are able to provide:

  • SAP compliance check with EPC (pre and post Planning and Building Regulation decision),
  • Highly Glazed Extension SAP calculations,
  • SBEM with EPC,
  • Air Pressure Testing , and
  • Water calculations
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ESconsult have a dedicated team of surveyors who can work with you and the Building Control team to provide a joined up integrated service and route to compliance.

ESconsult Group Leader


Neil Read
Group Leader
Telephone:  01208 265665
Mobile: 07483 968155
Mark Russell
Senior Development Officer
Telephone: 01209 614202
Mobile: 07977 182084
SAP Assessor, Air Pressure Tester
Adam George 
Senior Development Officer 
Telephone: 01726 223482
Mobile: 07887 833245
SAP Assessor, Air Pressure Tester
Darren Hardwick 
Senior Development Officer 
Telephone: 01579 341479 
Mobile: 07801 975336
Acoustic consultant

Michelle Heyes 
Principal Development Support Officer
Telephone: 01209 614469
SAP Assessor

Glyn Chappell
ESconsult Team Plymouth
Telephone: 01752 304324
SAP Assessor

Martin Pipet
Principal Development Officer
Telephone: 01208 265677
Mobile: 07721 763371
SBEM and SAP Assessor