Animal Boarding Establishments

To run a boarding kennel or cattery, you need a licence from the local authority. A licence is required to ensure good standards of animal welfare. The number of animals that may be accommodated will be specified on the licence along with other specific conditions.

Eligibility Criteria

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An applicant must not be disqualified from any of the following at the time of the application:

  • keeping an animal boarding establishment
  • keeping a pet shop under the Pet Animals Act 1951
  • keeping animals under the Protection of Animals (Amendment) Act 1954
  • owning, keeping, being involved in the keeping or being entitled to control or influence the keeping of animals, dealing in animals or transporting or being involved in the transportation of animals under the Animals Welfare Act 2006
  • owning, keeping, dealing in or transporting animals under the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006. In Scotland an applicant must also not be disqualified from working with, using, driving or riding animals, providing services to animals that would involve taking possession of them, taking possession of an animal to carry out any of the activities listed or taking charge of animals for any other purpose.

Please view the current licensing fees and charges to find out how much you will need to pay.

Follow this link to view the Animal Boarding Act 1963.

Licences are valid from the date of issue to the 31 December of that same year.

There is a comprehensive range of business regulatory support services available to help and advise businesses to be more successful and compliant.

Once the application is received by the Council it will be forwarded to an appropriate officer to inspect the premises. The premises, facilities and management will be inspected to ensure they comply with the current animal boarding licence conditions.

Applications are then either approved, approved with additional licence conditions or refused.

The following criteria will be considered when the application is being evaluated:

  • That the animals will be kept in suitable accommodation at all times. Suitable accommodation takes into account the construction and size of the accommodation, the number of animals to be housed in it, facilities for exercising the animals, cleanliness and temperature, lighting and ventilation provisions.
  • That suitable food, drink and bedding materials will be provided and that the animals are exercised and visited regularly.
  • That steps are taken to prevent and control the spread of disease among the animals and that isolation facilities are in place.
  • That adequate protection is provided to the animals in the case of fire and other emergencies.
  • That a register is kept. The register should contain a description of all animals received, their arrival and departure date and the name and address of the owner. The register should be available to be inspected at any time by a local authority officer, veterinary surgeon or practitioner.

Additional conditions can be attached to a licence to ensure that the above are complied with.

We will aim to have your application determined within 28 days of receipt of a valid and complete application.  However if we have been unable to determine your application in this time a licence wil not be automatically granted due to animal welfare implications and therefore tacit consent does not apply.  This means you must wait for the council to determine the application before any animal boarding activities can take place.

Please contact Licensing Services in the first instance if you have any concerns or issues.

If your licence has been refused or you object to a condition attached to it then you may appeal to the local Magistrates court.

Please contact Licensing Services in the first instance if you have any concerns or issues.

If you wish to make a formal complaint please follow this link to access the Council's complaints policy.

If you object to a condition attached to your licence then you may appeal to the local Magistrates court.

If you have any concerns regarding an animal boarding establishment in Cornwall please contact Licensing Services.