Discretionary housing payments

Discretionary housing payments are for people who are receiving housing benefit payments that are less than their rent payments and need help to cover the shortfall. 

There is a limited amount of money available for discretionary housing payments. 

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You can find out more in our Discretionary Financial Assistance Policy.

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Apply for discretionary housing payment

We’ll look at the details from this form together with the details you provided when applying for benefit.  It’s important that you give as much information as you can to help us make a decision.  We’ll write and tell you what we decide. 

If you get discretionary housing payments, we’ll expect you to work with us to find long term solutions to your financial situation.

The most we can give you is the difference between your housing benefit and your eligible rent charge.

Discretionary housing payments can’t be used to cover rent arrears or services that aren’t eligible for housing benefit (for example, water rates, heating, meals) – even if they’re included in your rent.

Discretionary housing payments depend on your circumstances and how long these are likely to last.  Awards are normally made for a number of weeks.  You can apply again at the end of the award if you need to.

Discretionary housing payments are not benefit and you can’t appeal against our decision.  However, you can ask us to look at the decision again.

Write to us giving your reasons for asking us to review our decision.  This needs to be within one month of the date on our letter to you telling you about our decision.  If your request is later than this, include the reasons for the delay in your letter.